Nanik in Public

Nanik Rupani has always been the constant source of inspiration to many. His charisma brought people closer to him but his personal ethics made them stay with him forever. Over the years he has earned many friends. From his classmates to famous politicians and from famous businessmen to his office staff, his good behavior has made many people fond of him.

Nanik Rupani is responsible for the new era of telecommunications. He is the man who introduced Video Conferencing in India. So, considering the way today business communications take place in India, Nanik is the one who made communications easy.

Nanik Rupani always believed that ‘The Service To Mankind Is The Best Work of Life’ and he has returned to the society in the best way possible with the formation of ‘Priyadarshni Academy’. He started the academy with the same belief and aim of ‘Rendering Service To Humanity’. The Academy has successfully been meeting its goals consistently since its inception in 1985 with providing financial support to talented individuals in the field of education, art, sports and a lot more.

Nanik who always wanted to contribute to the society, took one step ahead in order to serve people by introducing ‘Laughter Therapy’. According to the old saying ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ and the idea behind introducing laughter therapy is to make people’s lives easier by using the old technique of ‘Hasyayog’. The concept has got an overwhelming response and has made many people live stress-free.

His great efforts to the Indian society has earned him one of a kind opportunity that gave him the honour to speak from the dais of the Central Hall of ‘India's Parliament House, New Delhi’ in 1993. He presented a magnificently rendered portrait of late Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi in front of the members of the parliament and other dignitaries. On the occasion, Nanik expressed his gratitude towards Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi by renaming the Priyadarshni Academy’s ‘Triennial National Integration Award’ of Rs. 1 lakh, as the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Award for National Integration’.

“His good deeds and down to earth nature has earned him many well wishers who don’t hesitate to speak about his ‘Humane Nature.’

What his well-wishers have to say about Nanik: